Thursday, May 21, 2009

5219 Entry

I went to Lowes tonight to buy supplies for a John Willie inspired whipping post. Suki and I are hosting the local area Play Party in just under a week and I want to have some new furniture for the party. Right now all that I have is my suspension frame and the bondage rigging (minimal) in the bedroom. It suffices for my own personal use as rope is a very versatile toy, and I don't tend to play on kinky furniture so much in private.

This will be my 3rd party to host and the local group here in town is on the lookout for a public venue. With that we are going to need some kinky furniture anyway. I've had ideas in my head for a while of some of the things that I want to build and this provides a perfect opportunity to kick my ass in gear a little. Now, I'm going to refer to it as kinky furniture as opposed to 'dungeon equipment' because I don't really connect with the idea of playing in a 'dungeon'. I would much prefer to play in a 'play space'. Some posh, cozy area that has really nicely built furniture, well done erotic art on the walls, and decked out in rich colors and sensually textured fabrics. Throw in an element modern minimalism and you are starting to key in on my ideal play space, not to mention living space. The idea of a dungeon just conjures up images of cold steel that is on the verge of rusting with dripping wet stone walls and a cold clammy atmosphere. Not the kind of place I want to explore the lines of sensuality, pleasure and pain. I like my sensuality, and I like it comfortable where my surroundings and climate are concerned.

I gathered up my supplies of lag bolts, eye hooks, washers, post, and post-holder over the course of 40 minutes and proceeded to the checkout line just a bit before the store closed. The older lady cashing me out casually asks me: "what are you going to hang on your post?" Images of scantily clad or near naked women flash thru my head quickly as I tell her: "It's going to be a decorative post." All the while with a completely straight face. I know how to remain serious when the time calls for the need. I glanced over the cashier quickly looking for any signs. After all I have met older ladies at the parties and events here in town. I stopped at the celtic cross hanging around her neck and added: "I'll probably hang some plants on it". Both of these statements were half truths. I'm fine with that, I didn't straight out lie to the lady. I really do hope this will end up being decorative and somewhat attractive as its going to live in my living room when I'm finished with it.

My vision for kinky furniture tends to be on the minimal side. That's probably of no surprise by now. The idea is that it will blend into my Arts and Crafts house with some modicum of inconspicuousness. I hope more so than the suspension frame that takes up the whole of my dining room.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time that a stranger will ask what I'm using something for while shopping for things to fulfill my kinky side. I'm just glad the really cute girl at the tack shop that I went to earlier in the day didn't ask me what kind of horse the bridle I was buying was for. It would have been very hard for me not to tell her that she'd make a damn cute pony girl.

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