Saturday, July 11, 2009


In preparation for The Black Monday's Drag King show I shaved my legs and chest last night. Not that I'm in the show or anything, but one of my friends is and they want to have some audience participation in dressing up. I've dressed in drag a few times and have enjoyed the experience, so I decided 'what the hell'. I have a prom dress that my ex-wife left that I can barely squeeze into. Not that I'm a big guy or anything, its just that my chest is a little wider than hers is, in circumference, breasts not withstanding. suki, zipping me up and not being able to quite get the zipper all the way up says to me: "You need to lose some weight so you will fit in your prom dress". I turned around, laughed and asked: "Do I look fat?"

It was the longest shower that I can ever remember taking, or at least it seemed like the longest time that I've spent in the bathroom since I don't know when. Typically a shower, by my self, takes on average of about 7-10 minutes. I was in the bathroom for well over an hour. And I only did my legs and chest with a maintenance once over on the pubic area. I've been shaving my pubic area for some time, so that is included in my 7-10 minute routine. I had contemplated doing my arms and my arm pits. I decided against it because 1) if I did do them, I would have been terribly late getting out of town because 2) my clippers had run outta juice after the first leg and I had to do the second leg after the shower switching between another pair of clipper that *suck ass* and what little charge I could get on my good ones. I ended up mostly using the sucky ones on the last leg, and it was taking *forever*.

I have a little razor burn on my upper legs today, but the feeling (other than a little itchiness there) is still a little bit of vulnerability and heightened sensitivity. I remember the sensitivity from doing this before, but I don't remember the feeling of vulnerability. My legs feel very exposed to my surroundings, to the point that I contemplated if it would make them more susceptible to injury. Seriously, that's how vulnerable they feel upon doing this. Well, at the very start at least. I do admit that they don't feel as vulnerable today as they did yesterday. But, it's still there. I had the opposite feeling when I shaved my pubic area in the beginning. That felt very liberating as well as increasing the sensitivity. Even when naked, it didn't make me feel vulnerable. It just took a couple of days to get used to how it looked, but never this sense of vulnerability.

The sensitivity seems to be increased with my legs as compared to my pubic area. I just keep wanting to touch them. When I first did it I wanted someone else to touch them. It felt so good and different than normal when I did, that I figured that it would be compounded if someone else did (I found out later I was right). I remember touching myself after doing my pubic area in the beginning, but that was nothing like this. I couldn't keep my hands off my legs yesterday. Even in public, I would sit so that I could have my hands on one of them. I hope this feeling sticks around for a while. I'm sure that I will eventually get used to it, but I will probably keep up with this for a little while to enjoy this new found sensitivity.

Some notes on difficult parts to shave (in descending order of difficulty):

3) Ankles. Some weird shapes here that even a single blade razor has difficulty getting into.

2) Knees. Same as above but even more so. I probably spent more time shaving here than anywhere. The fact that I have knobby knees and bony ankles doesn't help.

1) Balls. MmmHmm, these suckers are terribly difficult to shave well. After months of doing it, I'm still not sure that I've ever really had them shaved well. Think of trying to shave something that will never hold still and never hold the same shape and then you can start to get an idea of what its like if you've never done it.

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