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Protocols For suki

Originally posted to our private blog on: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2008

Protocol for suki in 'High Protocol' sessions:

1) Addressing me: You will address me as 'Master' or 'Sir' at the beginning or the end of a complete thought/paragraph - statement. A 5 second pause between sentences is a good indicator that the honorific should be used in the next complete thought/paragraph. The honorific 'Master' will be used in private and you have the choice of 'Master' or 'Sir' in a public BDSM friendly environment. Consideration is being made for use of honorifics within the general public and will be established at a later date. At this point in time they will not be necessary in the general public and the rest of this document is specifically for private or BDSM friendly 'High Protocol' sessions.

2) Sitting: At any point at which we are together and I am sitting you are to be sitting as well. You should always be sitting at the same level or below the level that I am sitting at. Kneeling on the floor, while not strictly necessary would be perfectly acceptable. You will sit to my left unless that is unfeasible, at which point you will sit in front or behind me. Sitting to my right should only be a lost resort.

3) Standing position: Always stand on my left and at least one body position behind. This also applies to walking. If there is not enough room to my left you should walk behind me, and only on the right as an absolute last resort.

4) Eye contact/head posture: head to remain lowered unless being directly addressed or spoken to, in which case head can be raised to slightly below normal horizontal position and direct eye contact can be made. Eye contact is restricted to conversation and being addressed, otherwise you are to avoid eye contact. You are allowed to observe scenes, however you are to also abide by the protocols while doing so. If someone makes direct eye contact with you, you are to look away unless/until addressed. In this, addressed refers to being verbally addressed.

5) Permission: If addressed in my presence you are to ask my permission to speak. Simple eye contact with me will be considered appropriate, at which time permission will either be granted or not with a nod of my head and a knowing look. If for any reason it seems unclear that I understood your request for any reason, you are to verbally re-request permission. If at any time you wish to speak of your own accord without being addressed first you will verbally ask my permission before doing so.

You are also to ask my permission to leave my presence at any time. Within this, personal time for smokes or the bathroom can be taken 'in mode' if desired and preferred.

You are to ask my permission at any time to leave 'mode'. Exceptions to this are safe-wording, in which case 'mode' or 'role' is immediately dropped and all protocol is null and void. This also includes my safe-wording as well. Breaks such as using the bathroom and smokes can be done 'out of mode', but is preferred to be done 'in mode'. Breaks from mode should be reserved for time needed for grounding or other reasons personal or otherwise that would require breaking mode. When leaving mode you will be de-collared. When entering mode you will be collared.

6) Socializing: When socializing you will give the others, regardless of stature, the courtesy of the following protocols: 1) Addressing other as either 'Sir' or 'Miss' or any specific honorific that they request. 2) Sitting: Abide by the above protocol. 4) Eye contact/head posture: Abide by the above protocol.

7) Etiquette: You will remain courteous and well presented in accordance to standard accepted social etiquette at all times. This is the same etiquette that would be expected from any formal gathering.

8) Cell phones of both parties will be turned off during 'High Protocol' sessions.

These Protocols are subject to change at any time. You will be notified verbally at the time they are changed/amended. This document will also reflect those changes in a timely manner so that they may be in writing.

In any 'High Protocol' sessions you will be expected to adhere to the above protocols. I will assist in your training of these as I see fit, keeping both your physical and emotional safety in mind while doing so


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