Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There have been quite a few things that I've wanted to write about in the past couple of months but have had a hard time making myself sit down and actually do it.

I've often had the conversation about impact play and the level of intimacy that is involved in it, or the lack there of. I had this conversation again this weekend at a play party while observing just such scenes. This part of the midwest seems to be very 'impact heavy'. A big draw to me for bondage and using my hands for impact (or at least very short implements) is the intimacy that it affords. Physical, emotional, energetic intimacy.

When I watch a scene where the Top/Dom is 4 feet away from the bottom/sub it just seems to me that they are not only in different physical spaces but different mental ones as well. They separate from each other to have their own independent experiences. I don't feel that this is so much the case with closer, personal interaction. The closeness of physical contact, by and large, inserts one another into the individuals personal experience. The experience becomes a shared experience rather than sharing in an experience. And this wasn't even what I really sat down to write about, more just something that seems to come up again and again.

I was thinking about flogging in particular. Suki and I had a conversation about impact play vs bondage/physically intimate scenes and she made the comment that flogging, in particular, was very showy. That the difference in the two ways of play is like elephant art vs. termite art. This got me thinking about 'showiness' in scenes and that in many ways we partake in some of the showiest of scenes out there. That of suspensions.

Going over some other peoples thoughts on newaza (bondage ground work) vs suspensions it was noted that suspensions lacked a level of intimacy. Looking at this in comparison to newaza, I would agree that there is a small level drop there. But, comparing it to impact, I still feel that there is a much higher level of intimacy.

She and I also did some Pony Play at GLLA along with a suspension. As for showiness, I find that Pony Play is the ultimate in showiness of the types of play that we do in public. And this makes perfect sense to me. Playing in public should be showy. It's an exhibitionistic/voyeuristic exercise for me. Public Play has always been a big turn on for me and calls out my showy nature, my exhibitionist side, my nihilistic voyeurism.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tippecanoe Fishing...

I've had the itch to go fishing for a couple of weeks now. It's been over a year and a half since I've been. I think that driving over the bridges of the White River for the past couple of weeks is what really set this in motion. The river has been down due to lack of rain and has looked really inviting. It's always a very calming thing for me to fish on the banks or even in the river. I prefer to fish in the river and to feel the water rushing around my legs and minnows nipping at the hairs. That is, if it's warm enough. The best time for this is when its really hot outside and the water feels not only calming but refreshing as well. August seems to be a prime month for this, and as I'm writing this I'm contemplating going down to the White...

M called me up on Thursday to see if I wanted to go fishing with him over the weekend. This was my chance (or more, my excuse) to get my license and fulfill this urge. I figured that he would want to go to the Tippecanoe to go fishing. I love fishing rivers, the variation in the types of water keep things interesting. Even going to the same place day to day will see a series of changes in that particular spot of the river. With the variety of types of water also typically comes a variety in the types of fish in a river. This can be a fun thing as well as you never know exactly what it is that you will catch.

Normally I fish for Small Mouth Bass. Because this bass tends to be a smaller to medium sized species of fish, fishing for it often lead to catching other types of fish as well. I find this very appealing too. While in the Boundary Waters fishing for Small Mouth often also leads to catching Norther Pike, and often large ones. When fishing there, I change up the way that I fish slightly to accommodate this by using a heavy leader so that the occasional Northern won't chomp off my lure. But river fishing doesn't really require any adjustment to the way that I fish to catch things other than Small Mouths. This weekend was a prime example of this.

While I did catch a number of Small Mouths there were a few other singular fish that I also caught as well. The first, and this shouldn't come as a surprise for those in the know, was a Walleye. Before catching this one, M and I were chatting in the canoe about Walleye. Him saying that he would like to catch some of these for dinner that night. Admittedly I did too as Walleye is my favorite of all the cooked fish I've ever had, fresh or salt water. I told M that I was familiar with catching them in lakes as I fished for them also quite a bit in the Boundary Waters for food. However, I wasn't very familiar with targeting them specifically in rivers. The techniques in lakes for these 2 fish are very different as they occupy very different parts of the lake. Well, not so much in rivers, especially small ones where predatory fish seem to hunt similar areas.

Another fish that I caught was a Skip Jack Herring. This was a fun fish to catch and seemed very similar to catching a Small Mouth as they are both strong fighters and jumpers. I love catching jumping fish. These 2 traits are the reason that I continually fish for Small Mouths. And Smallies in rivers pull harder, despite the fact that they don't get quite as big typically, but I digress. Upon inspecting the Skip Jack I commented to M that that it looked and fought like a freshwater Tarpon. In fact, one of its nicknames is 'Tennessee Tarpon'. The similarities are very very striking. Later on when we were chatting again I queried to M that I wondered what the eatability of this fish was. Not very good without pickling it first I just found out via google. M noted that he didn't think that it would be a good one to eat due its diet. This isn't so much the case as it's more that it's a very bony and oily fish. Since I typically don't go fishing specifically for food, this might be a fun species to try and target. Besides, it would be fun to tell people I'm fishing for 'Fresh water Tarpon'.

The third type of fish that I caught that wasn't a Small Mouth was a Fresh Water Drum. I never did say anything about the eatability of this fish as I had always (wrongly) assumed that it was a bottom feeder much like a carp. But this is only because the shape of the fishes body is similar to that of a carp. I also thought it odd that I caught these last 2 fish in the way I was fishing as well. I was fishing with lures that mimic minnows. Minnows seem to be high on the diet of both of these fish. And, in fact, Freshwater drum is supposed to be really good to eat. Some even compare it to Walleye. That's good to know as that is the 2nd time I've caught one while fishing for Smallies on the Tippy.

All in all it was a great weekend for fishing. It was great to be on the river and getting exercise from paddling the canoe and soaking in the soon to be last of the summer sun. Hopefully I can get out a couple more times before the season ends.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paper Cranes

Written about 9 years ago...

I first learned to fold a paper crane when I was 6 years old. Through the years I've folded cranes for a number of reasons, the majority good. Mostly it was something to do to occupy my time. It has always been a fascination/ and a passion of mine and I never quite understood what the draw to them was until fairly recently. Upon learning more about the Japanese aesthetic I realized that this fascination of mine was two-fold. First, that something as simple as a mere sheet of square paper had the potential to become an object of such beauty and admiration. Second, that the integrity of the end product is wholly dependent upon the exacting execution of a number of very simple folds. Mistakes have and will be made in every attempt in this creative endeavor. This is how we learn.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Protocols For suki

Originally posted to our private blog on: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2008

Protocol for suki in 'High Protocol' sessions:

1) Addressing me: You will address me as 'Master' or 'Sir' at the beginning or the end of a complete thought/paragraph - statement. A 5 second pause between sentences is a good indicator that the honorific should be used in the next complete thought/paragraph. The honorific 'Master' will be used in private and you have the choice of 'Master' or 'Sir' in a public BDSM friendly environment. Consideration is being made for use of honorifics within the general public and will be established at a later date. At this point in time they will not be necessary in the general public and the rest of this document is specifically for private or BDSM friendly 'High Protocol' sessions.

2) Sitting: At any point at which we are together and I am sitting you are to be sitting as well. You should always be sitting at the same level or below the level that I am sitting at. Kneeling on the floor, while not strictly necessary would be perfectly acceptable. You will sit to my left unless that is unfeasible, at which point you will sit in front or behind me. Sitting to my right should only be a lost resort.

3) Standing position: Always stand on my left and at least one body position behind. This also applies to walking. If there is not enough room to my left you should walk behind me, and only on the right as an absolute last resort.

4) Eye contact/head posture: head to remain lowered unless being directly addressed or spoken to, in which case head can be raised to slightly below normal horizontal position and direct eye contact can be made. Eye contact is restricted to conversation and being addressed, otherwise you are to avoid eye contact. You are allowed to observe scenes, however you are to also abide by the protocols while doing so. If someone makes direct eye contact with you, you are to look away unless/until addressed. In this, addressed refers to being verbally addressed.

5) Permission: If addressed in my presence you are to ask my permission to speak. Simple eye contact with me will be considered appropriate, at which time permission will either be granted or not with a nod of my head and a knowing look. If for any reason it seems unclear that I understood your request for any reason, you are to verbally re-request permission. If at any time you wish to speak of your own accord without being addressed first you will verbally ask my permission before doing so.

You are also to ask my permission to leave my presence at any time. Within this, personal time for smokes or the bathroom can be taken 'in mode' if desired and preferred.

You are to ask my permission at any time to leave 'mode'. Exceptions to this are safe-wording, in which case 'mode' or 'role' is immediately dropped and all protocol is null and void. This also includes my safe-wording as well. Breaks such as using the bathroom and smokes can be done 'out of mode', but is preferred to be done 'in mode'. Breaks from mode should be reserved for time needed for grounding or other reasons personal or otherwise that would require breaking mode. When leaving mode you will be de-collared. When entering mode you will be collared.

6) Socializing: When socializing you will give the others, regardless of stature, the courtesy of the following protocols: 1) Addressing other as either 'Sir' or 'Miss' or any specific honorific that they request. 2) Sitting: Abide by the above protocol. 4) Eye contact/head posture: Abide by the above protocol.

7) Etiquette: You will remain courteous and well presented in accordance to standard accepted social etiquette at all times. This is the same etiquette that would be expected from any formal gathering.

8) Cell phones of both parties will be turned off during 'High Protocol' sessions.

These Protocols are subject to change at any time. You will be notified verbally at the time they are changed/amended. This document will also reflect those changes in a timely manner so that they may be in writing.

In any 'High Protocol' sessions you will be expected to adhere to the above protocols. I will assist in your training of these as I see fit, keeping both your physical and emotional safety in mind while doing so


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Panel Discussion...

I compiled my thoughts on rope bondage earlier in preparation for sitting on a panel for discussion on the topic. suki and I also did a demo at the play party afterward. I was one of 4 on the panel of 'experts' and clearly the one with the least amount of time being involved in it. The experience ranged from myself with just a little over a year into it to D who has been into it for some 30 years. Funnily enough, when we all went up to the front of the room, we lined ourselves up in order of this experience. However, we didn't realize it until we had each taken a turn and gone down the line to introduce ourselves. I was pretty quiet on the panel, not answering very many questions. Really, the questions were pretty straight forward and suki could have answered all of them. Factor this in with D wanting to answer all of them and I was just as happy to sit back and listen and add my minor interjections here and there. Throwing around the word 'expert' really stuck with me from all of this. I've not considered myself an 'expert' at anything, just trying to do the best that I can at anything that I do. Though the course of my experiences in the public scene, I have realized that I am a quick learner and take pride in doing things to the best of my abilities. Bondage and BDSM being no different.

suki and I had a wonderful conversation on the drive to the munch about what it is like for her to be in bondage. What the feelings are, what the head space feels like, the attraction to it, etc. I had the thought that for me it would be more interesting to see a panel of rope bottoms discussing it from that angle. It makes sense as I understand it from the Top and have more limited experiences with it from the bottom. I've enjoyed the experiences that I have had from the bottom and look forward to more as it expands my awareness of it as a whole.

The demo that we did at the Play Party after the Munch was in the fenced off 'dungeon' section of the basement of the club. All of us who were on the panel were to do our demos at the same time. As there was only one suspension frame, S waited it out till suki and I were done. We did a semi-suspension with her on her tipi toes and one leg high in the air like a ballerina. Once up, I twirled her around a few times while running my hands over her body. It had the air of a performance more than anything. It struck me that this was the first time that one of our scenes had really felt that way to me. It makes sense, being a demo. However, demos in the past have not really had that feel up to this point. suki typically gets a little showy and bratty for lack of better words. This tends to trow a highly playful bent to our demos and they feel more like amusing scenes in and of them selves. Entertainment more than demos, but without the feelings of actually being a performance. I'm not sure if it was the fact that we had almost the entire party as an audience, that the demos were behind a fence, or that all of the panelist were 'demoing' at the same time that made it feel that way. I image to some degree it was the combination of all three. We've since done a full suspension at a party where we had the rapt attention of almost the entire room during the scene. To the point that a once fairly loud room became so quiet that the music actually stood out, and this scene felt less like a performance than the demo did.

Later that night, we did an actual scene with her strapped up to a whipping post of sorts in a strappado position. This was a full on scene with more going on than just the bondage. I had bought a few new toys and was testing them out during this scene. The whipping post was positioned right up at the front of the fence. At a point about half way thru the scene a guy walked right up to us on the other side of the fence to check it out. I really got the feeling that he was checking suki out. This really kicked in the performance feeling for me again. I briefly ran this thru my head while going about what I was doing (placing clothes pins on her nipples). I think his timing is what really jarred me, that I was tormenting her breasts and someone would come up and invade our personal space. Despite the fact that the fence was there, he walked right up to us within 2 feet. I felt that our personal space had been invaded. It's not like we were some animals at the zoo, there are still accepted norms of personal space, even with a chain link divider. I bet he doesn't do that to his neighbor in his back yard.

All in all it was a good party and panel discussion and makes me think more about performances and the possibilities there in... Who knows what the future holds.

***Please note that the strappado IS NOT a suspension nor a semi-suspension technique. Done incorrectly it can dislocate both arms***

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hoof Boots

My latest DIY project is a pair of Hoof Boots for suki for the play party tomorrow night. Below are the pics:

These are the raw starting materials for the boots: one pair of older platform fetish boots, one block of mahogany, and a pair of rubber pony shoes.

Almost finished boots showing the bottoms with the pony shoes.

suki trying them on before the final tweek. She didn't make it very long with them like this as it pushed the center of gravity too far forward.

Version 1.0 with heels added for stability. These worked out well and V. 2.0 is already being planned.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


In preparation for The Black Monday's Drag King show I shaved my legs and chest last night. Not that I'm in the show or anything, but one of my friends is and they want to have some audience participation in dressing up. I've dressed in drag a few times and have enjoyed the experience, so I decided 'what the hell'. I have a prom dress that my ex-wife left that I can barely squeeze into. Not that I'm a big guy or anything, its just that my chest is a little wider than hers is, in circumference, breasts not withstanding. suki, zipping me up and not being able to quite get the zipper all the way up says to me: "You need to lose some weight so you will fit in your prom dress". I turned around, laughed and asked: "Do I look fat?"

It was the longest shower that I can ever remember taking, or at least it seemed like the longest time that I've spent in the bathroom since I don't know when. Typically a shower, by my self, takes on average of about 7-10 minutes. I was in the bathroom for well over an hour. And I only did my legs and chest with a maintenance once over on the pubic area. I've been shaving my pubic area for some time, so that is included in my 7-10 minute routine. I had contemplated doing my arms and my arm pits. I decided against it because 1) if I did do them, I would have been terribly late getting out of town because 2) my clippers had run outta juice after the first leg and I had to do the second leg after the shower switching between another pair of clipper that *suck ass* and what little charge I could get on my good ones. I ended up mostly using the sucky ones on the last leg, and it was taking *forever*.

I have a little razor burn on my upper legs today, but the feeling (other than a little itchiness there) is still a little bit of vulnerability and heightened sensitivity. I remember the sensitivity from doing this before, but I don't remember the feeling of vulnerability. My legs feel very exposed to my surroundings, to the point that I contemplated if it would make them more susceptible to injury. Seriously, that's how vulnerable they feel upon doing this. Well, at the very start at least. I do admit that they don't feel as vulnerable today as they did yesterday. But, it's still there. I had the opposite feeling when I shaved my pubic area in the beginning. That felt very liberating as well as increasing the sensitivity. Even when naked, it didn't make me feel vulnerable. It just took a couple of days to get used to how it looked, but never this sense of vulnerability.

The sensitivity seems to be increased with my legs as compared to my pubic area. I just keep wanting to touch them. When I first did it I wanted someone else to touch them. It felt so good and different than normal when I did, that I figured that it would be compounded if someone else did (I found out later I was right). I remember touching myself after doing my pubic area in the beginning, but that was nothing like this. I couldn't keep my hands off my legs yesterday. Even in public, I would sit so that I could have my hands on one of them. I hope this feeling sticks around for a while. I'm sure that I will eventually get used to it, but I will probably keep up with this for a little while to enjoy this new found sensitivity.

Some notes on difficult parts to shave (in descending order of difficulty):

3) Ankles. Some weird shapes here that even a single blade razor has difficulty getting into.

2) Knees. Same as above but even more so. I probably spent more time shaving here than anywhere. The fact that I have knobby knees and bony ankles doesn't help.

1) Balls. MmmHmm, these suckers are terribly difficult to shave well. After months of doing it, I'm still not sure that I've ever really had them shaved well. Think of trying to shave something that will never hold still and never hold the same shape and then you can start to get an idea of what its like if you've never done it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


suki and I hosted the May play party for the local area BDSM group. When I had first offered to host the party the previous month, I was worried a little about the size that the party might end up. Our local group has seen a large influx of new people joining our slosh and I was sure that this would have effects on our parties as well. My house is only 1000 square feet, and both of the bedrooms were not used for the party, so this limited the space. I had thought about capping the number of RSVPs as I was also trying to expand the usable play space in the house with the addition of the whipping post, which suki referred to as 'the star of the party'. The basic layout was the suspension frame in one half of the living room by the fireplace and the piano and the whipping post now in the dining room so that the flow of traffic between these areas and the kitchen was uninterrupted. This worked out well, even leaving the chairs in the dining room so that the 'peanut gallery' had a place to set their butts. The total count was 33 people crammed into the house, with some lingering outside as the weather now permits such things. It was crowded, as I suspected, but worked out well with quite a number of people playing.

I had arranged for m and j to arrive early. m to greet guests and make an introduction so that she would become familiar with the group and to put up the guests food and drinks as they arrived. j to take care of necessary paperwork for each guest. I like to have new subs perform service duties for the party. It helps to free me up to take care of other matters and greetings. This being a case in point for m and not so much for j. j is not new to being a sub or the group, but offered the help. I didn't want to inundate m with tasks and obliged j on her offer. m was nervous. This is totally understandable. The only people that she knew were myself, suki, and MP who was to show up later with a date. I feel that having her arrive early and be a part of the structure of the party would also help to alleviate the tension and some social anxieties. Like service should be, it's a two way street. We both get something from the arrangement. I just have a much less active part in one.

The flow of the party went very well in my own opinion and observation. It has seemed that one hiccup to the flow of play parties is usually getting a transition between the social aspect to that of actual play. I've seen this in parties that I've been to in the past and it's always something that is in the back of my mind when I host them. Usually the easiest way to accomplish this is just to do a scene. Kind of like breaking the seal, it just flows after that.

Another previous arrangement to the party was to show W how to put k into a Takate Kote. This worked out well, my doing this little demo was the perfect segway to get people playing. By the point that I did this, most all of the guest had arrived, and being a demo, it drew a little crowd of people to watch. I first tied suki, explaining what I was doing, while W and k watched. I then did it again while W mimicked what I was doing. suki was a bit of a bratty sub for the demo. It slips my mind at this point what exactly she did, but it was fun and entertaining. I like this side of playing, especially while doing demos as it gives it a fun element and keeps things interesting. However, brattiness requires repercussions. Once she was in the Takate Kote, I tied a suspension rope to the back knot and and backed her up onto the platform of the whipping post, thus demonstrating how the two could go together. I ran the rope through the carabiner on the post and back to the harness and back through the carabiner and gave a little tug. At this point she made some remark about not being able to lift her up much... One good tug, and tips of her big toes just brushed the ground. First suspension on the post, it works well, and yea, repercussions... One more time going through the harness and W got a good grasp on it, and people were ready to play.

MP, coming as a top that night, requested that I tie his date, h, to the post. Into the harness she went. Now h had also never been to a party. h really had little conception of BDSM before this event. MP and I had discussed this to some length before the party. It was surprising to me that he was going to play with her (in some context) that night. It was even more of a surprise that he requested that I put her into bondage. But, I suppose that, too, was his own first experience with it, being my rope bottom, guinea pig, and service sub of sorts. I always find it a little odd to tie taller women. I'm used to suki's frame and the way that we fit together while tying (amongst many other things). Having her in the harness, I backed her up to the frame. It was at this point that it struck me that she would look good in a more western, Williesqe, damsel in distress tie. Having her harness attached to the carabiner at the top of the post, I wrapped a column tie around her thighs and the post and passed her off to MP. I have to note here that my perceptions of her changed at this point. I was really unsure about her in a general sense before this. In the general sense of: I wasn't sure exactly what MP saw in her. I have that with a lot of the women that he dates, and have always chalked it up to a difference in tastes. While I still am not sure what he sees in her, I liked the fact that she was open enough to participate, and even more so, open enough to let me tie her up. Some respect was definitely gained in my eyes. I also noted that she would make a cute pony girl. Hmm, running theme???

I took a little break as MP and m proceeded to tickle h while she was on the post, and then untied her when they were done. MP then requested that I tie m to the post, but this time not immobilized. I've tied m before, she is a tall woman, and I noted this again. In some ways it was odd doing this at the party. The first time that I tied her, we were at Transformus, a regional burn event. It was her first experience with bondage and BDSM. She had requested that I tie her after watching me tie another girl at the event. I obliged, putting her in a non-restrictive chest harness and a crotch rope. The tie ended up with a lead on it and my (now) ex-wife, m's best friend, took her for a walk around the campgrounds on the leash. After the experience she told me she didn't realize how psychological the whole experience would be. Now, she's finding her submissive side, and this was her first scene in BDSM public. The whole 'firsts' thing seems to be a recurring theme for me as well. We chatted a little bit while I was tying her and this was the point that tying her struck me as a little odd. I'm still trying to put my finger on it, but it might well have been that here was one of my good friends at the play party, and I was tying her up for my best friend and having some idle chit chat while doing it. I'm not used to idle chatting while I tie with the person that I'm tying, others around me, yes. In someways, any chatting breaks a little of my concentration. It's the concentration that helps to push me into head space, not that I tend to go into head space from just tying, but its interesting for me to think about at this point.

I handed off m to MP and went about socializing. I don't really know what they did for their scene, I was off being a social butterfly, but I know that it was a little more than some tickling. I sat down, later, on one of the chairs facing the whipping post to to talk to T and j. Some how the conversation turned to canes, and bamboo canes in particular. I've always had a thing for bamboo, I love the plant and its versatility. The discussion was about the fact that bamboo does break and what happens when it does. I handed j a piece of turtle bamboo that I had prepped the day before as a cane. As we were talking, she started to flex and bend the cane. It bent to the point of forming a 'U' and I thought to myself, there's the snapping point, I can stop her or just see what happens when it snaps. I decided to see what her reaction would be. It's always fun to watch someone have a surprise reaction. The quick note of fear flashing over the face a moment before the realization of what just happened is always precious. She had absolutely no reaction what so ever. That too was interesting, that there was no sense of surprise, no flinching, no anything but a heart felt apologetic 'I'm sorry'. All the reaction was with T and his mortification of the event. We both still laugh about this.

Sometime quite late into the night suki and I did a suspension scene. This was finally a comfy suspension for her and I got to play with her while she was up. At some point during the scene, MP, m, and h laid down on the floor under suki, looking up at her and us as I was playing with her. The rest of the room had melted away by that time, and they became part of the scene for me. I put chopsticks on suki's tongue, as I often do with the full intention of having her drool on MP. She knows that I love to see her drool and I figured if they were wanting to be close to the scene, they might as well be in the scene. Unfortunately she couldn't conjure up any saliva so I had to settle for the chopsticks falling off her tongue and onto MP. With this scene and the previous one we did at the last party we attended I've started to find a little of my 'sadistic' side. A little pain for my pleasure has been a really big turn on for me. Really, sceneing with her is just a huge turn on. It's really a combination of everything, her, the play, us.

We ran off and snuggled on the bed for a while after the scene so that we could both come down off high and return to baseline. It was late in the evening (read: morning) and the party was really starting to thin out. We returned to the party and socialized till the last of the stragglers decided that it was time to go. It was a really enjoyable party, and the best one that we've hosted yet from my perspective.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On Bondage, my thoughts as of 639...

I was first drawn to bondage, I feel, because I had some (read: a tad bit and vanilla) experience with it. I had at one point in time tied my previous LTRs to the bed and had my way with them. They had their turns as well, and I have the pics to prove it. I've also been both a boy scout and into sailing. Rope has always been around and I'm no stranger to its uses.

But then I stumbled upon shibari/kinbaku. A whole new world opened up to me. A world of beauty, art, intimacy, and Japanese to boot. I've had some fascination with Japanese crafts for some time now, feeling a connection to them in woodworking, pottery, and now bondage. I read everything that I could find on the internet and then some.

I found that the application of the rope came quite natural to me and I immediately understood how to use the wrapping techniques to restrain a body in anyway that I could really imagine. It just made sense.

I feel that the beauty, art and craft of it all roll into one. It has a very pleasing aesthetic when applied to the body in a thoughtful manner. Accentuating the body in such a way as to to exemplify not only the subject's body but also the application of the rope at the same time. Thus the beauty and the Art of it are coupled with the body to become a work in and of itself that is both sublime and temporal. The craft and the Art there in are in the application of the rope to the individual body. The body becomes the blank canvas that ask to be treated in specific ways and to be highlighted and molded in other certain ways. No two ties are ever exactly alike, as no two bodies are exactly alike.

The application of the rope lends itself very well to a high level of intimacy between both the Top and the bottom. The hands run the rope across the body such that both the hands and the rope are physically exploring. There can be very close bodily contact between the two individuals participating in the bondage.This is not to say that this is always the case. Hojojitsu was/is an application of rope for restraining a prisoner, thus showing bondage's not so erotically intimate side. In the case of more intimate application, as a Top, one is moving the bottom's body as the rope is being applied. Physically positioning the body for the particular application lends its self well to the closeness that intimacy requires.

There is also an energetic exchange that can happen in bondage. The physical intimacy that is combined with the trust on both parts of the participants foster a closeness for this type of exchange. The levels of emotions, the openness, the physicality, and the eroticism open our awareness and our energetic centers to flow more freely. The restriction of the bondage can actually be a release for the bottom into these energetic levels of being. While this isn't so for the top, it can be tapped into thru empathic being and thus heighten these for the top as well. I believe that the resultant head space is refered to as 'flying in bondage'.

Well, all of that, and it's just damn fun! Throw a Hitachi in the mix and things can get really.......

Friday, May 22, 2009

5229 Entry

Saturday night Suki and I attended a play party for a group who's munches she has been attending. The party was held in a space where we helped to throw a large NYE party at the beginning of the year. This is no coincidence as she had suggested the space for the play party and introduced the proper contacts to the proper people. I remember her telling me last year in prep for the NYE party that it was a really cool space and would be an awesome place to do suspensions. That seems to be one of our things, really cool spaces with large beams and pillars that would have a dramatic atmosphere for suspensions. This particular room of the building is brick and block walls with about a 20' ceiling. Through the middle of the room there is a very large I-beam with a couple of concrete columns holding up the beam. Its this beam with its columns that really drew our attention. The rest of the room is closer to what I feel a 'dungeon' would be with its block walls. Fortunately, this is the warmest room in the space. This was also the socialization area for the party and not the 'dungeon' proper.

After socializing and sitting through the stapling demo, we decided that it was time to play. The 'dungeon' area was cold and a little clammy, and not totally to my preference. There were a few pieces of furniture in there, pretty standard fare for a play party. The person that was supposed to bring a suspension rig didn't show up so I was a bit disappointed as I had thought that we may do a partial that night. The style of bondage that I like to do doesn't really suit most furniture, and thinking about the party earlier in the day I had come to the conclusion that we may have to do a standing scene or switch over to high protocol. I figured I would play it by ear. We stayed in the 'dungeon' for a few minutes as I contemplated where I wanted to do a scene. It was loud from all the other players and could have been somewhat distracting. When I'm in head space, it can be hard for me to tell if other people around are going to be distraction to me or not. At times the room melts away, and at others every noise can become a distraction. It's all internal and based on what/how I'm feeling in the moment. Most of the time people are easy to block out, but I can have a bitch of a time with music when I'm in head space.

We went back into the socializing are and decided to do a scene based around one of the columns in the middle of the room. There was a lot of chatter and people milling about, but it felt pretty comfortable. At least, it felt more comfortable than the 'dungeon' did at the time. As I was tying the Ushiro Tasuki on Suki, J asked if we could move the scene over a little bit. This was very much at the beginning of it and I was no where near head space. I was a tad self conscience as there were a few people from a group I'm heavily involved in there that had not seen us play before. This makes getting into head space take a little longer. At first I was somewhat put off by having to move the scene, until I realized that J had a ladder and was hooking a shibari ring to that massive I-beam. "Maybe a partial will happen yet", I thought to myself.

Having completed the harness and a Matanawa on Suki, J had the ring installed and the ladder moved out of the way. I remember overhearing someone say that it looked like Suki was ready for the ring. Was this some sort of weird manifestation of a fantasy that we had upon initially seeing this space?

The ring was a little high for my liking as I had go up on my toes to feed the ropes up and through it. I knew I had to keep myself alert and careful due to its height, and alas another deterrent to me slipping into head space. Well, I keep myself out of it with suspensions anyway because I need to be alert and very conscience of every little thing that is happening when I do them. A modicum of slipping in is alright with partials, but even that wasn't going to happen during this scene. I was focused enough on what I was doing during the suspension that the goings on about me fell out of conscienceness. At least if they weren't going to go away due to head space, the concentration would do it. At this point any self conscienceness also fell away. It became me, Suki, and the ropes in an elaborate dance of balance on both our parts.

I lovingly lifted the one leg that grounded her to the building, holding it against both her body and mine. Gently swaying her in a small circle like a light swing on a breezy spring afternoon, I imagined floating in space and time. The swirling movements becoming a calm meditation of emptiness. These few brief moments were the closest I got to head space. As I put her right leg back down on the ground and checked in with her, she whispered: "Master, my right hand is starting to go numb", I asked if it tingled yet. Glancing at the harness I guessed that the first layers of the Tasuki were responsible for this as they had a number of wraps across her wrist. "Time to take her down", I thought, "It'll be a few minutes to get to those wraps". Getting her off the suspension ring was enough to clear up the problem. I love the Tasuki harness, but it has always given us a problem here and there in suspensions. Worked great for MP, but every body is a different piece of clay.

5229 Note...

After taking some time off from blogging and completely erasing this one, I've decided that I would like to start writing publicly again. There's just one condition for this: I still need to do it for myself. I am.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

5219 Entry

I went to Lowes tonight to buy supplies for a John Willie inspired whipping post. Suki and I are hosting the local area Play Party in just under a week and I want to have some new furniture for the party. Right now all that I have is my suspension frame and the bondage rigging (minimal) in the bedroom. It suffices for my own personal use as rope is a very versatile toy, and I don't tend to play on kinky furniture so much in private.

This will be my 3rd party to host and the local group here in town is on the lookout for a public venue. With that we are going to need some kinky furniture anyway. I've had ideas in my head for a while of some of the things that I want to build and this provides a perfect opportunity to kick my ass in gear a little. Now, I'm going to refer to it as kinky furniture as opposed to 'dungeon equipment' because I don't really connect with the idea of playing in a 'dungeon'. I would much prefer to play in a 'play space'. Some posh, cozy area that has really nicely built furniture, well done erotic art on the walls, and decked out in rich colors and sensually textured fabrics. Throw in an element modern minimalism and you are starting to key in on my ideal play space, not to mention living space. The idea of a dungeon just conjures up images of cold steel that is on the verge of rusting with dripping wet stone walls and a cold clammy atmosphere. Not the kind of place I want to explore the lines of sensuality, pleasure and pain. I like my sensuality, and I like it comfortable where my surroundings and climate are concerned.

I gathered up my supplies of lag bolts, eye hooks, washers, post, and post-holder over the course of 40 minutes and proceeded to the checkout line just a bit before the store closed. The older lady cashing me out casually asks me: "what are you going to hang on your post?" Images of scantily clad or near naked women flash thru my head quickly as I tell her: "It's going to be a decorative post." All the while with a completely straight face. I know how to remain serious when the time calls for the need. I glanced over the cashier quickly looking for any signs. After all I have met older ladies at the parties and events here in town. I stopped at the celtic cross hanging around her neck and added: "I'll probably hang some plants on it". Both of these statements were half truths. I'm fine with that, I didn't straight out lie to the lady. I really do hope this will end up being decorative and somewhat attractive as its going to live in my living room when I'm finished with it.

My vision for kinky furniture tends to be on the minimal side. That's probably of no surprise by now. The idea is that it will blend into my Arts and Crafts house with some modicum of inconspicuousness. I hope more so than the suspension frame that takes up the whole of my dining room.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time that a stranger will ask what I'm using something for while shopping for things to fulfill my kinky side. I'm just glad the really cute girl at the tack shop that I went to earlier in the day didn't ask me what kind of horse the bridle I was buying was for. It would have been very hard for me not to tell her that she'd make a damn cute pony girl.